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Dancer to Personal Trainer

Transitioning between careers is always going to be an eye opening experience. Particularly when your career is not only that, but a whole way of life and a true passion.

I consider myself very lucky to have found even one thing to feel genuinely passionate about, and to have found another is refreshing and exciting in a whole new way.

The one thing that always shocked me as a student and professional dancer was the lack of nutritional guidance and exercise science used to enhance performance and injury prevention. Having been injured myself, and continually working through scoliosis, I have been exposed to physical rehab and therapy a lot over my career - this is what sparked my new passion in fitness and training - I was truly overwhelmed by the power of corrective exercise training techniques and am studying this topic further still now.

Considering how I was able to overcome and work through things that at times seemed impossible, for such a sustained period of time, was unbelievable to me and I will be grateful for the lessons that taught me; physically and mentally. Having to become hyper aware of my technique, form, placement, posture only helped me become more focused and more capable than I would otherwise have been, all the while giving me the feeling of achieving something.

This doesn't have to mean lifting the heaviest weights, or having the most impressive aesthetics, it means learning to work to your highest standards and personal bests and enjoy doing so. My mental health was ironically at its' strongest when my body was sometimes at its' weakest.

If there was anything I would want to give my clients, it would be that you are stronger than you know, and that I would love to be the one to help you realise that and get you either on track, or back on track.


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